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Gondik Law Speedway


By Jerry O'Brien 5-29-20 (Superior, WI)
Dan Ebert of Lakeshore, Minn. Continued his winning ways as he swept
the WISSOTA Modified action Friday night May 29th as the Gondik Law
Speedway opened up it's 59th season of competition. It was a full program
including WISSOTA Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwwest
Modifieds, Pure Stocks and Hornets presented in front of a good crowd of
race fans. An announced total of 116 cars were on hand for competition on a
cool spring evening that kept the big four tenths mile speedway in optimum
After qualifying heat races for all classes, the first division to try their
hand at their 20 lap main event were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. This
first feature hit the speedway at 9:14. All did not go well as caution flags
began to fly befor a full lap could be completed. On the first attempt Andy
LaBarge who had raced in the Super Stock class for several seasons with
success, sat out a season or so before attempting a return in the Midwest
Modified division. Problems on the first lap for LaBarge brought out the first
of five caution flags. The next try at a start provided the same result and
LaBarge's debut was cut short with two caution flags attributed to him.
Brandon Dolman had the pole with Tyler Kintner to the outside. At the green
Kintner surged to the lead followed by Dolman, Zach Benson, Jack Rivord
and Dan Wheeler. Kintner pulled out to a five car length lead over Dolman
but the caution flag again appeared when Benson spun off the back stretch.
With a scant two laps complete Kintner stayed on point on the restart, Rivord
got by Dolman as Shane Howell appeared in the top five from 12th. Headed
toward the front pack from his ninth starting slot was Cody Carlson just
behind Ryan Savoy who had started eighth. Yet another caution flag packed
the field tight again for the fourth time. Just before the caution flag flew
Howell had taken second from Rivord and Carlson had hit the top five in
fifth. The restart saw Kintner retain the top spot with Howell, Rivord, Savoy
and McLean Andrews who took fifth from Carlson. While the front four
stayed the same, the battle was on for fifth between Carlson, Andrews, and
Jimmy Latvala who joined in from the 11th starting spot. Carlson was able to
secure the fifth spot while Andrews, Latvala, Dylan Miller and Wyatt Boyum
were the next four. The fifth caution flag of the event flew for Jesse Polson
and the restart came just before half way with 11 laps remaining. As it
worked out, everyone settled down and went the rest of the way without a
stoppage. Kintner clung to the lead fending off first Rivord, then Howell as
Carlson moved to fourth and Savoy dropped from competition leaving fifth
for Latvala. During the final two circuits Howell closed on Kintner showing
his nose high and low before going for broke on the final two turns taking
over the lead. Howell took the win after starting 12th. Kintner, Rivord,
Carlson and Latvala rounded out the top five.
Next up was twenty feature laps for the WISSOTA Super Stocks.
Ashland's Matt Deragon led the 19 car field to the green flag but it was
outside front row starter Shane Sabraski who shot around the outside into the
lead. 2019 Track Champion and WISSOTA National Champion Kevin
Burdick was second followed by DJ Keeler, Doug Koski, Kyle Copp and
Brian Carl. Sabraski proceeded to widen the gap back to Burdick who soon
found himself hounded by Dave Mass who had sliced his way from sixth to
third. At this point Dave Flynn had worked his way from 18th into the top ten
in ninth after being taken out of his heat race in an accident. Just past half
way Andrew Mackey spun in turn two bringing out what would prove to be
the only caution flag of the event. Sabraski handled the restart easily as
Burdick set out after him. Mass was still in contention just behind Burdick
with Deragon in fourth and Chad Fouquette rounding out the top five.
Fouquette secured fourth from Deragon while Flynn continued his charge
and lurked in sixth. Sabraski continued his domination to the checkered flag
though Burdick made a charge and closed up on Sabraski but didn't have
enough to make a run at him. Mass was third while Flynn got by Fouquette to
fourth. Deragon and Copp were sixth and seventh while Mackey made a
strong charge from the back to eighth. Andy Grymala and Doug Koski
rounded out the top ten. This was Sabraski's second straight feature win at
GLS in the Supers as he backed up his win from the previous Friday.
With much anticipation fans were treated to the first action on the
speedway of 2020 by the WISSOTA Late Models showing 19 strong.
Heat races went to veterans John Kaanta and Steve Laursen. Dave Mass
drew the pole positon as ita appears he will race in the Late Model division as
well as the Super Stocks. Starting on the outside of the front row for the 25
lap feature was Ham Lake, MN's Don Shaw who happens to be Mass'
employer. At the green Mass got the jump over Shaw with Kaanta third. Next
came a gaggle of cars including Tim McMann, WISSOTA Rookie of the
Year Deven VanHouse, Mike Prochnow and the tribute 519 car of Steve
Laursen . It took the wily Kaanta little time to grab second from Shaw and
close on Mass. VanHouse also was charging in his number 17 and soon
slipped by Shaw. Also, Pat Doar was on the move from eighth and Darrell
Nelson was on his way forward from 13th. Kazanta soon wrested the lead
from Mass and, a couple laps later, VanHouse blew by into second. Doar
jumped into third and Nelson was harassing Shaw for fifth. The top three,
Kaanta, VanHouse and Doar settled down and pulled away from the pack
which was putting on a battle for position. Nelson worked his way past both
Shaw and Mass to secure fourth. Kaanta looked as though if nothing went
wrong, he was going to capture the "Big Check". But, and thre is always
a"But", Jeffery Lien, Jr spun the number 24 in turn two bringing out a
colored flag Kaanta did not what to see. The restart came with six laps
remaining. Kaanta was able to keep the point over VanHouse but Doar and
Nelson were on the charge as they over whelmed VanHouse and set out after
Kaanta. Doar was working the low side but decided to go up top which
worked very well as he sailed by Kaanta in the fourth turn leading only the
last couple of laps for the win. Nelson also got past Kaanta for a second place
finish. VanHouse and Jeff Massingill rounded out the top five, Shaw
managed to hold onto sixth while former track champion Travis Budiaslovich
advance ten spots from 17th to seventh. Mike Prochnow, Mass and Terry
Lillo finished in the top ten.
The WISSOTA Modifieds were also set to go 20 circuits with Jeremy
nelson leading the 24 car field to the green flag. On the outside of the front
row was Dan Ebert who won the previous Thursday and finished second on
Friday during the Minnesota Modified Nationals at the speedway. Ebert
grabbed the lead at the green with Nelson, (Rogers, MN) number 4 second
and Jeremy Nelson, 06 (Zimmerman, MN) third. Nelson (4) soon rebounded
to take the lead with Nelson (06) third. The first caution flag flew when
Devin Fouquette spun in turn two. The restart came with three laps
completed. Jeremy Nelson (4) beat Ebert to the front with Jeremy Nelson
(06) third, Shane Sabraski fourth and Jody Bellefeuille fifth. Al Uotinen,
Darrell Nelson and Kelly Estey were also top ten runners. Ebert gathered it
up and got by Nelson (4), then proceeded to widen the gap between first and
second. Sabraski worked his way to second as there were comers and goers
during a fairly long green flag run, especially Johnny Broking who clawed
his way from 14th to finish fifth. Everything changed when, with a couple of
laps to go, another caution flag flew tightening up the field and setting up a
scramble for the win and other positions. Ebert held on to take his second win
in a week at GLS. Sabraski, Nelson (4); Nelson (44); Broking; Bellefeuille,
Nelson (06); JT Johnson; Danny Vang and Al Uotinen were the top ten.
Jared Akervik was the winner in the WISSOTA Pure Stock main event. It
was a good battle as Cory Jorgensen the 2019 Track and WISSOTA National
Champion was snapping at his heels until they came upon rookie driver Eric
Lillo in turn one. There was contact and Jorgensen's number 16 was too
damaged to continue. Lillo dropped out also. Though Trevor Treviranus tried
his best the could not close the gap. James Vendela, Aaron Bernick and
Tanner Gehl finished in the top five. Jorgensen was the winner of the only
heat race over Akervik.
Ninteen of the twenty Pure Stocks on hand took to the speedway for the
night's final event the 12 lap feature. Nate Servaty backed up his feature win
from the previous weekend with another great run. This time Ashland's
Dejay Jarecki forced Servaty to chase him down as Jarecki started from to
pole and held onto the lead for several laps before giving way. Jase Wiarda
moved from his tenth starting spot to finish third ahead of AJ House. Hunter
McDougall rounded out the top five. The Hornets were the only division that
went start to finish without a caution flag.
Coming up next weekend June 4th and 5th, Thursday and Friday Gondik
Law Speedway will again rane a two day show. It is not a special, it is a
double header. On Thursday June 4th we will race WISSOTA Modifieds,
Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Pure Stocks and on Friday June 5th we
will add the WISSOTA Late Models for a full six class program. Thanks to
Broking's Transport for sponsoring this event.

Article Credit: Jerry O'Brien

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